Stay Focussed

Stay Focussed


Get the Point - Corporate Sword Fighting Experience - Fun and challenging introduction to swordfighting in a safe and controlled environment.

Executive Coaching - One on One or small group fencing lessons. Additional resources from Sfi's partner network can offer diverse sessions such as psychometric testing, career planning tools or lifestyle coaching.

TV/Film/Stunt Work - Work includes Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, James Bond, London 2012 Olympic Bid and many others. Also fight direction and coaching for actors and productions.

Duel Action - Hi impact cardio gym workout. Dual benefits of conditioning and strength, flexibility and suppleness, mental and physical training.
Get the Point - Sample classes for example at a conference or team building event: Morning session: swordfighting activity can help break the ice so that people who have not met before can get to know each other in an unforced environment.

Afternoon session - post lunch session, where delegates will ensure they stay awake and alert both physically and mentally. A good spot when there has been a lot of talking and listening in the morning.

Closing slot - once all conference speeches have been made and before pre-dinner drinks. Activity slot can be a fun way of finishing the formal part of the day.

Sword fighting sessions can either be in an office or conference location (eg in boardroom or meeting room where tables have been removed) or offsite location, or outside.

Get the point can be purely for fun or can offer the following outcomes:

Team Building/motivation

Talent Identification

Change management

Retention of Gen Y

Sales Training

Experiential learning

Work/life balance